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Inside looking out!

I love walking and don’t usually mind cold weather; however, for the past week, I have felt absolutely no inclination to hit the trail. Cold and snow, followed by rain, sleet, and slush, and then  a slippery slide to more low temps and frozen trails have dampened my enthusiasm. Even tottering out to refill the bird feeders has been a major challenge. We saw one sunny day this week, but because of other commitments that day, I didn’t have time for a walk in the park. As a result, most of my pictures have been taken through the kitchen window. Squirrels, birds, and deer have visited the back yard buffet, but not in great numbers. Maybe they have decided to hibernate, and, truthfully, I really think they might have a good idea! However, I still take pictures every day, so just to prove that my camera is still getting a workout even if I’m not, here are a few back yard visitors and one surprise…


2015_02_10_back yard_053


2015_02_10_back yard_030

and for a change of pace,

here is a rose, rich in color, and speaking very hopefully of summer.

2015_02_06_around the house_005

Unfortunately, here on the south shore of Lake Erie,

we are still weeks away from even a faint hint of spring.

The rose, an early birthday gift from a friend, was a real spirit-lifter.

Carolyn aka Skip

Long time between posts!

Life gets in the way of blogging and photography sometimes, and you (or at least I) can’t keep up with everything. So I have been pretty much absent from this photoblog for some time now. Can I come back on a full time basis? Truthfully, I don’t know, but a lot depends on the ease of posting from Lightroom to WordPress. If I could post directly to my WordPress photoblogs from within Lightroom, like I can with Flickr and Smugmug, life, or at least blogging, would be much simpler. Does anyone know if that can be done? If you do, please reply in the comments. Meanwhile, I would like to share several photos I took this morning.

Drinking Deeply!2013_07_18_backyard_002
Zoom right in!2013_07_18_backyard_003

Bird’s eye view!2013_07_18_backyard_007

That’s all for today. See you soon.

Baby animal day

Well, sort of baby animals. The hummingbird may not be, although there have been some juvenile hummers hanging around our feeder recently. The bunny, on the other hand, is a bonafide baby bunny. My husband was using the weedwacker, trimming along the edge of our grass and flower beds, and out from under the tall grass (and weeds, to be honest) dashed three little bunnies. I managed to track down one of them and return it to the nest under the petunias and weeds. It didn’t panic when I picked it up, just cuddled calmly in the palm of my hand. I held tightly and then gently placed it back into its original nest after he finished his yard work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t track down the other two, so I’m hoping they found a secure place to hide.

P.S. In the park this morning, I saw a doe and twin fawns, but couldn’t get a clear shot of them. The mama was limping badly, but the three of them were browsing in the underbrush.

P.P.S. I don’t think there is anything more appealing than baby animals. What do you think?

Summer is here for sure!

It was good to get back to the park for a photo walk this morning. I hadn’t been there in a while, and it is amazing to see the changes as we slide from spring into “seriously-it’s-summer!” Despite our lack of rain, the grass and trees in the park are still green and beautiful, but today’s weather, a sunny 90 degrees, made me happy to retreat to my little home office where I turned the AC on high and sank into my chair. As much as I enjoy the time I spend outdoors, when it’s hot and humid like this, I’m grateful for a cool place indoors and the time spent processing and posting my pictures. I didn’t take a lot of photos, but I brought home a few that made me happy, and that’s what I am sharing with you today. (Click on any picture to see a larger version.)

The first chipmunk was enjoying his breakfast and having a swing at the same time. The squirrels like the feeding tray too. The curious one checking out the food supply is one of our regular visitors. It is comical to watch them climb in, hunch down, and munch away at the birdseed. I don’t know who eats more, the birds or the “rodents.” The other pictures are from my morning photo walk in our neighborhood park. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you enjoyed the fruits of my walk.

Carolyn aka Skip

Backyard birds and a squirrel

Our backyard feeding station has become increasingly popular with the Baltimore oriole couple who have moved into the neighborhood. It is such a joy to see their brilliant orange plumage flashing from tree to tree and landing occasionally on the feeding station we set out just for them. It’s quite the pricey addition to our “aviary”, but as we are getting a lot of delight from watching the orioles, I’m not going to complain about the cost of feeding them. The other visitor to our feeding area today is an old friend, one of the many squirrels that enjoy the challenge of stealing a meal out of our “squirrel proof” bird feeders. Is there such a thing as squirrel proof? I don’t think so!

Thanks for stopping by to share this beautiful spring day with me. I hope to see you soon.

~ Carolyn aka Skip

Vibrant visitors

We have managed to attract a greater variety of birds to our backyard feeding station this summer. The most recent, and most exciting for me, is a pair of Baltimore orioles. I have a list of 30 birds I hope to blip (photograph) this spring and summer, and the oriole is at the top of the list, along with the indigo bunting, green heron, and a select few others. Last week an oriole took a few sips from our hummingbird feeder, but didn’t return. Then two days ago he was back, so I convinced my husband that we should set out a feeding station especially for the oriole. We did and then for two more days we didn’t see him. There were lots of other birds, but no orioles. Yesterday we realized someone had been nibbling at the food we put out because the grape jelly was gone, and who else would eat grape jelly? Today, after a lot of patient watching, camera in hand, I finally got the pictures I was hoping for. (Click on any picture below to bring up the gallery.)

The male is so much more vibrant than the female, but that’s usually the way with birds. The variation in color of the first female is (I’m guessing) a result of the background and the light. I took it earlier in the morning than the rest of the pictures. I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I am enjoying them. Orange is one of my favorite colors. What more could I ask for than orange orioles?

That’s it for today from the north coast of Ohio. This has been a beautiful, sunny summer day. Thanks for stopping by to enjoy it with me.

Carolyn aka Skip