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Cold; no, scratch that! Freezing!

We ventured out this morning for brunch, followed by our traditional New Year’s Day photoshoot on Headlands Beach. Seven people and two dogs made the trek this year. That’s Lake Erie you see behind us in the distance. Headlands Beach is located about 25 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio, and in the summer time, crowds of beach-goers fill the park, and the air is redolent with the scent of hot dogs, hamburgers, and other picnic foods cooking on the grills. Today, the crowds were absent. The temperature at our home was about 27 degrees Fahrenheit, but it was a lot colder on the beach. Figure in the wind chill, and it was finger numbing frosty. My fingers still weren’t thawed by the time we drove home, and I told my grandson this venture had cured me of any possible interest in an expedition to the south pole. Not that I ever expressed such an interest. We didn’t linger on the beach. I set up the tripod; they gathered around the (cold metal) bench, and blip! I snapped the shutter a few times, and we headed for the cars.

In the picture you see my husband and two of our daughter standing behind the bench, with three of our grandchildren in front.

Waiting for the summer crowds to show up!

Waiting for the summer crowds to show up!

I told Alison to "Stand there while I check the focus."

I told Alison to “Stand there while I check the focus.”

The intrepid ones who braved the cold winds off Lake Erie

The intrepid ones who braved the cold winds off Lake Erie

Michael volunteered to take this shot so I could be in the picture.

Michael volunteered to take this shot so I could be in the picture.

That’s it for this first day of the new year. I hope you vicariously enjoyed your visit to the beach. Happy New Year, everyone!
Carolyn aka Skip

Florida 2012- Entry 1: Sandhill crane ballet

Note: This is the first of several photoblog posts taken on my visits to family in Florida.

Driving through the neighborhood where my niece Christina and her family live, we spotted two sandhill cranes. Some years ago, on a trip through the Platte River area in Nebraska with our oldest grandchildren, we had seen thousands of these fascinating birds, but Ohio is not part of their territory, and the opportunity to photograph them doesn’t come my way on a regular basis. The cranes were hanging out in a field next to a Catholic church, so we pulled into the parking lot, hoping to get some pictures. If you’ve ever heard the expression, “It’s like herding cats,” you will have some idea what it was like to “herd” the birds toward the car where I sat steadying my camera on the open window frame. My niece, Sue, volunteered to do the herding, circling around the cranes, somewhat like a border collie gently directing a herd of sheep. However, cranes don’t understand the concept of herding or maybe Sue needs more practice because the cranes had their own idea about which direction to take. Nevertheless, I managed to get some photos of the recalcitrant birds that really did appear to be performing a sort of casual, but graceful, dance routine. It was a rare photo opp for me and a special treat. (Click on the first picture to bring up the gallery and watch them perform).

That’s it for this installment. Entry #2, coming up tomorrow, will be pictures snapped on a beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico, another rare photo opp for me.
Carolyn aka Skip

Meet Cooper

After the sudden loss last month of their beloved sheepdog Milly, my daughter’s family found that it just didn’t seem right not to have a dog around the house. After much research and discussion, they found one that seemed right for their family. Two weeks ago Cooper, a Portuguese water dog, moved in and is doing his best to fill the hole in their hearts. Here are the first pictures I have taken of him:

Chewing on something in the backyard

Listening to strange sounds

Being held by Michael…

Being held by Emmy…

Milly is missed, but Cooper seems to have found his “forever home”, and I have to admit that he is adorable.

That’s it from northeast Ohio this time. See you soon.
Carolyn aka Skip