Seen Along the Trail

Photos taken on my daily walks

Friday Faces


I thought it would be fun to start a new feature on my blog called Friday Faces. By doing this I would meet new people and become more comfortable with asking people (often strangers) I meet along the trail to take time out of their walk for a photo op. Today I met Lori who was out for a walk with her two dogs Howy, a shih tzu, and Susy-Q, a beagle mix. Neither dog wanted to pose for a portrait, but they were easily distracted when Lori pulled out the treats. At that point they became very attentive, although not to the camera. All’s well though because I got my “Friday Face” plus an addition to my “Dogs and their People” gallery by turning the photo op into a two-fer, Nothing wrong with that! I’m just wondering if I will be able to do as well on future Fridays.


That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by.  ~Skip aka Carolyn

A quartet of chickadees

Chickadees love peanuts, and they are very friendly birds.

Look what flew in when I spread a handful on the old tree stump.

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Throughout the summer and well into fall,

there was plenty of available food for the birds.

Since the vegetation has died back,

they have found a supplemental food source.


Gone to seed!


This milkweed pod has gone to seed, which only increases its beauty. 

I’m just wondering why the expression Gone to seed is  considered an insult when describing a person?

Making her escape

Making her escape

If you saw an 8-point buck heading your way, wouldn’t you run too?

2013_11_25_nature_010I would, if it looked like this! I saw four of these fierce looking fellows on the trail today. The does wanted nothing to do with them. Nada! Nothing! Can you blame them?

Long time between posts!

Life gets in the way of blogging and photography sometimes, and you (or at least I) can’t keep up with everything. So I have been pretty much absent from this photoblog for some time now. Can I come back on a full time basis? Truthfully, I don’t know, but a lot depends on the ease of posting from Lightroom to WordPress. If I could post directly to my WordPress photoblogs from within Lightroom, like I can with Flickr and Smugmug, life, or at least blogging, would be much simpler. Does anyone know if that can be done? If you do, please reply in the comments. Meanwhile, I would like to share several photos I took this morning.

Drinking Deeply!2013_07_18_backyard_002
Zoom right in!2013_07_18_backyard_003

Bird’s eye view!2013_07_18_backyard_007

That’s all for today. See you soon.

First hummer of the season

First hummer of the season by skip22037
First hummer of the season, a photo by skip22037 on Flickr.

He finally found our feeder! The light was poor on this misty morning, but I cranked up the ISO to about 500 so I could post this picture of the first hummer. Not the greatest shot, of course, but it marks the moment for future reference.

Here are a couple of pictures of the blue jay that also visited the feeder today. Same low light and high ISO, but I was happy to capture his activity at the feeder. This jay has been a frequent “guest” at our bird bistro in recent weeks, and he even hangs around long enough for photo opps. Click on a picture to open the gallery.

Thanks for looking!
Carolyn aka Skip

Patience is rewarded!


When photographing animals patience can produce some interesting expressions and interactions. Capturing a sharp picture of an animal is a challenge in itself, but, if you take your time (and multiple shots), you can end up with an animal that shows some personality, something unique to the moment. And don’t forget to carry some birdseed, peanuts, and dog treats in your pocket. Having these handy helps, especially when you want an animal to pose for the camera!

Here are a few more examples. Click on one and you can scroll through the gallery. I hope you find some that make you smile.

Carolyn aka Skip

Preschool entertainment goes wild!

2013_05_22_nature_060.jpg by skip22037
2013_05_22_nature_060.jpg, a photo by skip22037 on Flickr.

The bird song I usually hear as I walk the trail in Chagrin River Park was being drowned out this morning by a man’s amplified voice and the excited shouts and screams of very young children. Naturally I followed the sounds and discovered an end of the year celebration for a group of preschoolers who were being entertained by Jungle Terry and his wild animals.

Along with entertaining the children (and their parents), Terry was teaching them about the exotic animals he lifted out of his boxes. “Are snakes slimy?”” he asked them. “Should you pet strange animals?” The children called out “yes” and “no” at all the appropriate times, and it was obvious that they were learning and having wonderful fun at the same time.

Click on a picture below to see a few more wild animal shots. I hope you like them, but if snakes aren’t your “thing”, maybe you don’t want to look. The preschoolers didn’t have a problem with it though. They jumped right into the “close encounter.”

Carolyn aka Skip

Me hungry? You bet!

Me hungry? You bet! by skip22037
Me hungry? You bet!, a photo by skip22037 on Flickr.

This little yellow fluffball and his identical twin were dabbling in the bog at Chagrin River Park with their momma and siblings. He paddled in my direction, and I captured this picture.

Here are two more pictures of the little family:



The family included two little yellow ducklings and about seven brown and yellow ones. Counting them was a challenge because they were never still, and “momma” would herd them away whenever she noticed I was nearby. They sure were cute and fun to watch.

Carolyn aka Skip