Photo gallery

Favorite images from my spring photowalks

Birds and other critters



A slide show of a few of my “Favorite Faces.”

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  1. Love the dog pic and the squirrel.



    1. Thank you. The squirrels are very entertaining. We had a long, snowy, frigid winter and spring. Some days the back yard squirrels provided my best photo ops because the trails were too icy. The dog is our sweet springer spaniel Gulliver.



  2. Wow! I love photography too and birds are one of my favourite little creatures on the planet. I like the look of your blog – I will be back!



    1. Thank you, Iva. Sorry to be slow replying. I thought I had already done so. I love to photograph birds because they are fascinating little critters and such a challenge to photograph well. I am learning from this challenge all the time.

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