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Daffy-nitions: Lugubrious

2014_10_28_Chagrin River Park_011

Have you ever heard anyone say, “That face should be in the dictionary next to the word _________?” Well occasionally, on my walks in the park, I encounter animals that cry out for their very own dictionary daffy-nition. Today I’m nominating Gilligan. During mud season, Gigs wears a snood to keep those fantastic ears from dragging in the mud, but with or without the snood, he is the perfect picture of the word lugubrious, and also the ideal model for today’s blog post. To see Gigs wearing his snood, click here.

Lugubrious: looking or sounding sad and dismal

For the record
  • Today’s weather: Completely overcast, grey, and gloomy.
  • Have I mentioned how tired I am of grey and gloomy? :(
  • Exercise: None! I was totally uninspired for a photo walk in the park!

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Carolyn aka Skip

Cobra and Jack

I ran into Cobra and Jack when I was in the park earlier looking for a stranger who would be willing to participate in my Friday Faces project. Jack was standing near the pedestrian bridge in Chagrin River Park in conversation with Rich. Cobra was hanging around at their feet, probably waiting for the chitchat to end so he could get on with his walk. That’s just my guess, of course, based on experience with our dog Gulliver. I was very glad I went to the park when I did because Rich became my Friday Face for this week. Cobra and Jack became the newest addition to my “Dogs and their People” gallery on SmugMug. Click the link if you like dogs and want to see the gallery and read my version of how Cobra came by his name. You can see Rich’s portrait here in my Blipfoto journal where I post a picture (almost) every day.

That’s it for today.
Thanks for visiting my corner of northeast Ohio where it is currently rumbling and raining.
Skip aka Carolyn

Meet Cooper

After the sudden loss last month of their beloved sheepdog Millie, my daughter’s family found that it just didn’t seem right not to have a dog around the house. After much research and discussion, they found one that seemed right for their family. Two weeks ago Cooper, a Portuguese water dog, moved in and is doing his best to fill the hole in their hearts. Here are the first pictures I have taken of him:

Chewing on something in the backyard


Listening to strange sounds

Being held by Michael…


Being held by Emmy…


Millie is missed, but Cooper seems to have found his “forever home”, and I have to admit that he is adorable.

That’s it from northeast Ohio this time. See you soon.
Carolyn aka Skip

Not another bird!

Challenged by my daughter, Becky, to look for new subjects (and not just another bird) for the photos I post here and in my daily journal at, I set out for the park today without my usual 70-300mm lens, the one I’ve used throughout the winter to capture close up portraits of birds. In my conversation with her, I had to admit I am feeling the need for a break from “blipping” birds. I figured I would be more inclined to look for other subjects if I restricted my camera kit to a prime lens or my 18-105mm all-purpose lens. The strategy worked. I came home with far fewer images on my memory card and definitely a greater variety. To be truthful, I have to admit to sneaking a few token birds blips into the bunch, but without the usual long reach of my “big” lens, I wasn’t nearly as tempted to focus (pun intended) my attention on the birds. So that’s how today ended up being “dog day”, and here are three of them:





…and Wicket


I have to try again with Darby. I didn’t mean to cut off quite so much of the top of her head. She’s a very sweet little Border Terrier, but today she was more interested in other things than in posing for her portrait.

One of the benefits of walking so often in the same park is that I have the privilege of forming friendships with some wonderful people, especially those who are attached to the other end of their dogs’ leashes.

If you are curious about how I will meet my daughter’s “not-another-bird” challenge on my Blipfoto journal today, here is a sneak preview.

New “digs” for the park birds


It’s definitely “not a bird”. This shiny new apartment house is brand new, and, as of this morning, there are no residents yet. I’m sure that qualifies for meeting Becky’s challenge.  Now what can I post tomorrow? Stop by and find out. Meanwhile, thanks for today’s visit to my park on the south shore of Lake Erie. See you soon.

Carolyn aka Skip

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