Bloom, Bloom, Bloom!

Walking along the edge of Corning Lake this afternoon,  I paused when these faded blossoms caught my eye…

They are clearly past their prime. Their colors have faded, and they no longer possess the vibrant blossoms and upright stems that would have drawn my attention a month or two ago, but they have aged gracefully, and they now possess a new kind of beauty, the beauty that drew my attention today.

I know an older woman, well into her ninth decade, of whom we could say the same. She’s not as vibrant today as she was when I first met her 30 years ago, and she doesn’t stand as tall, but she has undeniably grown more beautiful day-by-day-by-day.

Maybe that is something we should all aspire to as the years roll by. Let’s not give in to the ravages of time! Let’s age gracefully! Paste a smile on our faces, stand up as straight as we possibly can, and bloom, bloom, bloom.

Here’s some more of the beauty that was “blooming” in my corner of Ohio today:

Thanks for visiting. I hope you will join me for another photowalk soon.

Giving thanks!

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and I am giving thanks for…

  • a phone conversation with my sister in Florida
  • a surprise call from my grandson in Baghdad
  • a call from my youngest daughter and time to catch up on her busy life
  • a conversation with my other sister and brother-in-law, and our daughter in Arizona
  • Turkey dinner with all the trimmings in the company of my husband, middle daughter, and granddaughter
  • a sunny walk in the park where these birds were just begging for photo opps

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That’s the way it was in my corner of Ohio today…truly a day to thank God for my many blessings. I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed too.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

northern cardinal

This handsome northern cardinal is here to introduce a series based on the theme All Things Bright and Beautiful. He is the state bird of Ohio, and because he posed so nicely, he gets to represent my corner of Ohio today. See you again tomorrow.

Dismal day

In terms of the weather, today was a dismal day. Please understand, I’m not complaining. Any day I can get up and go out is a good day, and despite the grey skies, I was out and about today. However, the light was dull, the sky was all grey, and so were the birds…predominantly nuthatches and chickadees. I spotted a red-breasted woodpecker in the tree tops, but it refused to come down for a photo opp. So grey is what you get.
A white-breasted nuthatch showing off her profile
A tufted titmouse searching for choice pieces of sunflower chips
And another titmouse, pondering over which piece to pick. They’re pretty little birds, but they are grey and so was almost everything else in this corner of Ohio today. Maybe tomorrow the light will be better.

Visit to the fruit farm

The fruit farm has a great bakery.

This afternoon we drove out to Patterson’s Fruit Farm to order our Thanksgiving pies and pick up a pie for the potluck dinner at our church tomorrow evening. We put in our order, but Bob couldn’t resist sweetening the pot with some apple dumplings and an apple fritter. He’s loaded down with his booty and headed for the check out counter.

As we walked out the door, I stopped to take a picture of this sign. It made me smile. In the fall, Patterson’s is a very popular destination for fruit lovers, not to mention the temptation of the baked goods. On Sunday afternoon, finding a parking place can be a major challenge. A visit to Patterson’s is a tradition for hundreds of families in the three-county area.

Until seven or eight years ago, the property adjoining the fruit farm and orchard was a popular golf course called Orchard Hills. Out of curiosity, I googled it and discovered that it is still listed as an Ohio golf course. I was even able to read the reviews golfers had written on their website. Apparently it was a challenging course that got high ratings from almost everyone. Here is a sample that I thought was pretty amusing:

This is one of the best public golf courses I have ever played. Rolling hills, ponds, and tons of dog legs this course has it all. It always in great condition and the drink girl is pretty cute. Best of all you can drive through the apple orchard and grab some apples while making the turn.

Nowadays the former golf course is a park with hiking trails and picnic shelters where the fairways and greens used to be. Putting Gulliver, our springer spaniel, on his leash, we set off to take a little hike. Here are some of the sights we saw along the trail:

Bob had actually played the course a few times, and it was interesting to look around as we hiked the rolling hills and try to identify the fairways, rough places, greens, and doglegs. It is amazing to see how quickly nature is reclaiming the once manicured greens and fairways. In just a few short years, they have been transformed. These days nobody would try to do any putting at Orchard Hills, but it is a great place to hike and walk your dog. Just ask Gulliver!

That’s all for today from my corner of Ohio. I hope you will visit again soon.

Carolyn aka Skip

An hour well spent

Squeezed between lunch with a good friend and some necessary household chores, I found an hour to walk in the Holden Arboretum. Hat and glove weather has arrived, but it is still wonderful to spend time outside. Take a look at these pictures, and you will agree that winter is almost upon us, even if the calendar claims it is still a month away. In my opinion, the calendar is a very unreliable judge of the seasons. Winter weather always arrives way ahead of the December date that marks it on the calendar, and spring never arrives when the calendar says it will. Here in northeast Ohio, spring is reliably late. Every April, when the wet, grey weather persists well past the time I am ready for sunshine and warmth, I play with the idea of moving to a warmer climate, but, to be truthful, I love the contrast of our four seasons. Each one has a beauty of its own. Here is some more beauty I enjoyed in the Arboretum today.

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Thanks for visiting my corner of Ohio today, I hope you enjoyed the scenery.

Carolyn aka Skip

It’s not a rainy day…

just a very cloudy one. It’s not even very cold (48 degrees), considering this is mid-November and we are in northeast Ohio. If I weren’t a nature photographer…I would stay inside today, curled up on the sofa….If I weren’t a nature photographer, determined to get outside with my camera every day, I would stay inside today, curled up on the sofa with a cup of cocoa and a good book. I am retired after all, so I don’t have to go anywhere.
That’s what runs through my mind on a grey day like today; then I remember that I have challenged myself to become a better photographer, and I remember other grey and even rainy days, and how much better the world looked once I went outside, instead of hanging around inside looking out. So I grab my camera and my jacket, and off I go to the Arboretum. Come along and see the sights. I would enjoy your company.

First stop: Visitor’s Center and picnic shelter-I wandered from the Visitor’s Center through the picnic area, taking a few pictures along the way:
Then I took the staircase, leading into the valley, where I snapped a few more pictures before heading back up the hill to Blueberry Pond, where some Canada Geese were enjoying a family swim on the still waters.


Detouring through the wildflower garden, I headed toward Lotus Pond. Although there aren’t any wildflowers blooming during this time of year, it is a peaceful place with interesting sights to see. I especially like the boulders that frame the exit from the garden. In warmer weather, there are always chipmunks scampering over the rocks, but not today. They must be hibernating by this time.
Since I only have time for a short walk today, it is time to head around Lotus Pond and back to the parking lot…stopping for a few photo opps along the way.
So there you have it: my photo walk for Wednesday. Despite the lack of sunshine, I enjoyed the trek and capturing my “daily dozen” photo opps wasn’t a problem. Thanks for joining me on the trail through the Arboretum today. I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Carolyn aka Skip


Hello! Today has been a busy day, and now it is late, so I am off to bed and hopefully a good night’s sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures to share.

Seeking beauty

tree dressed for winter
As I started down the trail, I wondered where I would find beauty on a rainy day walk in the woods. I didn’t expect the kind of technicolor beauty that would hit me in the eyes, like the vibrant colors of October, putting a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Nothing like that could be seen today, as I shielded my camera inside my rain slicker and trudged down the trail.

But I did find beauty….

In the rich hues of rain-soaked autumn leaves, the bare branches of winter-dressed trees, the hollow husks of blossoms gone to seed, the artistry of water drops in a puddle, and the friendly greetings of people I met along the trail.

Walk in the woods on a rain-soaked autumn afternoon, and you will become aware, as I was, of a hidden beauty that you were blind to during the sunny-blue-sky-days of summer.

So ends our rainy day walk in the woods. I’m glad you visited my corner of Ohio today. Please come back soon.

Sunday scenery

The sights I saw in our neighborhood park on a Sunday afternoon…

Sunshine and a brief glimpse of blue skies greeted me this morning, but they didn’t last long. By the time I made it to the park, the sun was completely hidden by grey, cloudy skies. The wind blew, the leaves danced and whirled through the air, but it didn’t rain and it wasn’t cold. In fact, the current temperature at 12:30am is 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This has been a very unusual November so far, but I’m not complaining! Thanks for visiting my corner of Ohio today. Come back soon!

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