Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I’m not convinced about the truth of that “truism”, but I am sure it is not true for bloggers. I have been absent from my blog for most of January, and I apologize for that fact. It’s not because I have lost interest in my blog. After all, if I lose interest, how could I expect anyone else to take any interest in it whatsoever, and I truly have a deep appreciation for those of you who follow my blog and leave encouraging comments. No, the thing that’s been keeping me from my blog posts is time, or rather lack of it.

Learning how to use the new iMac I got for Christmas in addition to learning how to use Lightroom, another Christmas gift, has swallowed up an amazing amount of my time. Even more time is needed to migrate my files from my Windows desktop to my iMac and import all my thousands of pictures into Lightroom. And then there is all the rest of life. I hope you get the drift and trust that I will soon be posting regularly once again.

I have managed to post a photo-a-day in my Blipfoto journal, something I have been doing for almost four years, but by the time I do that each evening, I am ready for bed! However, as promised, I will soon be back to blogging on a regular basis. Meanwhile, I will continue to take pictures everyday. Here is a slideshow of a few of the recent photographs from my daily photowalks. I hope you enjoy them.

See you soon, Blog Friends.
Carolyn aka Skip

P.S. About the iMac and Lightroom: I love them both. They are such fun to use, and I feel blessed to have them…just a little bit crunched for time.

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