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The weather in northeast Ohio has been very untypical this winter. Instead of our usual snow and cold temperatures, we have been enjoying mild temperatures and very little snow. When we do get some precip, it is more likely to be rain than snow. The mild weather makes it much easier to get out and about. This week I haven’t even needed my boots. It’s not exactly tropical, but I won’t complain, and I am still getting out every day with my camera. Here are a few pictures I snapped today while I was walking in the park.

So what do I mean by the title on today’s blog entry? Well, taking pictures continues to be an every day part of my life, but blogging has become temporarily sidetracked, while I’ve been learning how to use my new iMac and Lightroom 3, both Christmas presents and both requiring a bit of a learning curve and a lot of time. I’m having plenty of fun with them though and have even mustered up the courage to start shooting in raw rather than jpeg. Lightroom makes that a pretty easy transition.

More about this transition in my photographic life at another time. It’s time to sign off for this post. Thanks for visiting my northeast corner of Ohio today. I welcome your visit and your comments. See you again very soon.

~Carolyn aka Skip

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