Bird watching

I don’t keep track of the birds I see on my photo walks. I don’t have a life list, and I can’t identify all of them, although I am slowly learning. My fascination with birds is based on their behaviors, and just watching them brings me a lot of joy. This morning I observed a chickadee disappear into a hole in the trunk of a tree. She (or he) entered the hole several times, but never without carefully surveying the area. Apparently sometimes s/he didn’t think entering the hole was a good idea and would abort the attempt.

Maybe some of you are familiar with this behavior and can explain it to the rest of us. If so, that would be much appreciated. Here are a few pictures I took during the half-hour I stood by the tree and watched the shenanigans.

I wish I had captured better pictures, but I got too wrapped up in watching the chickadees. I think I will return on the next sunny day to see if I can see get some better shots.

Meanwhile, here is the one of “speedy chickadee” zooming out of the tree:

Thanks for stopping by today.
Tomorrow I will post a few more birds from today’s photo walk.

Carolyn aka Skip

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