“Bird lady”…

That’s what two walkers said when they saw a downy woodpecker take a peanut from my hand…”You must be the bird lady! How do you do that?” the man asked. All I could reply was, “They like peanut chips!” 

I don’t make a habit of feeding the critters in the park. After all, they are wild creatures, and, for the most part, except during extremely cold and snowy winters, they are self-sufficient. However, I do sometimes entice the chickadees, cardinals, titmice, and woodpeckers with a small serving of peanut chips. These are bite-sized little tidbits that create no mess, and don’t do any harm to the environment, and I consider them payment for the many photo opportunities they provide for me. Chickadees and titmice are friendly little birds, and they don’t need too much persuasion to take a peanut chip or two from my hand, but this was the first time a downy woodpecker had ever attempted it. I was as amazed as the couple who happened to walk by. It was evening, and time for me to head for home, but first I captured a few pictures to share so you can enjoy the beauty of the birds, just as I do.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my corner of Ohio. See you soon!

Carolyn aka Skip

A glorious spring morning

Had I ordered today’s weather, the day would have dawned just as it did. It was one of those rare spring mornings when just about everything is perfect. I headed to the park for a short walk, but ended up staying much longer than I meant to. Mondays are great! Most of the weekend warriors return to work. The kids go back to school, and I pretty much have the park to myself. Not entirely, you understand, but enough to leave me with the illusion that the whole place belongs to me and the happy knowledge that retirement is great.

I went in search of a Baltimore oriole and a rose-breasted grosbeak. The orioles were in seclusion, but I spotted a grosbeak…just not close enough to snap a picture. Another day! I was surprised to discover a turtle, smack in the middle of the intersection of two trails. Unfortunately for him, he was headed away from the bog and there was no water in the direction he was going, so after taking his picture, I lifted him from the trail and set him down in the grass much closer to the bog. Then I hung around for a while, and sure enough, he got turned around in the right direction. I didn’t know turtles could move so fast!

It was time to go home, and I hadn’t gotten pictures of many birds, but that’s okay with me. Instead I captured photos of a chipmunk, a turtle, a mama mallard and her little one, an adorable Border terrier, and one bird…the ever-present cardinal that follows me from tree to tree to tree. I never know what I will find in the park, and the anticipation is part of the fun. Enjoy the slide show:

By the time I got home, it was time for lunch, followed by an afternoon of catching up on my blog posts. Last week was so busy, I am way behind. Today I am intent on catching up, which means posting several days worth of photos in one afternoon. Sorry about doing that! I will try to keep on top of things in the future.

Thanks for stopping by today. See you soon.
Carolyn aka Skip

Mating on the mind?

I don’t know much about the mating rituals of tree swallows, actually, I don’t know anything, but I have seen their territorial disputes, complete with angry squawks and frantic dive-bombing. This doesn’t look anything like that, so I am going to assume these birds had mating on their minds. If anyone has information contrary to that, please share it via the comments. Whatever they were up to, it involved approaching, landing, flying away, and more of the same. Watching them was fascinating (Click on the first picture to scroll through the gallery).

Should this be R-rated? What do you think?

Spring is in the air, and lots of things are happening in the park.

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Carolyn aka Skip 

Mothers’ Day

We were graced with beautiful weather for Mothers’ Day this year. An after church brunch at Corky and Lenny’s with our middle daughter’s family and a creamy dark chocolate ice cream cone in Chagrin Falls with our youngest’s daughter’s family made the day extra special. As it happened, I wasn’t in photography mode, being more focused (pun not intended) on family, but I pulled my pocket camera out and captured these shots of the falls.


An afternoon wander in Chagrin Falls  is a very good thing. Take some family or friends along, and it is even more special.  On a Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people will be strolling by the river, window shopping, dog walking, and hiking down the stairs to view the falls. Don’t forget to take your camera and be sure to enjoy an ice cream cone while you are there.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Carolyn aka Skip 

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