Animal acrobatics

My bird feeder has been visited regularly by this little squirrel…so often that I finally decided to give him a name. I’m calling him Squeak the squirrel. He climbs into the bird feeding tray and swings gently while munching on the tasty treats I provide for the birds to enjoy. Today I glanced out the kitchen window, and there he was hanging by his toes and tail, nibbling away at a suet cake. He took a big bite, gently lowered himself to the full length of his furry little body, ate the suet, pulled himself back up to the the suet cake to take another bite, then repeated the process. Over and over and over again! Squeak is a champion acrobat who never seems to tire as long as the suet is available. If I step out the back door, he nimbly scampers down the pole and zips away, only to return as soon as I’m not outside any longer. I can’t call him a pet, but he definitely provides me with plenty of entertainment.

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The best thing about today is that it finally rained! And it felt so good. Tonight the temperature is a wonderful 70 degrees, much better than the 95 we had a few days ago.

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Carolyn aka Skip

A river runs through it.

A river runs through the park where I often walk, and right now with our lack of rain and extreme temperatures, the water level is pretty low. Yesterday topped out at 98 degrees, adding one more record-toppling day to a year filled with them. I read in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that 10 daily high temperatures have been broken so far this year. Ouch!

Other things I snapped today were the girl’s cross country team getting warmed up (literally) for their season, a dog panting from the heat, and a young squirrel swing on our bird feeder. Because of the heat and humidity, I cut my walk short. I don’t have the stamina of those high school girls, so that’s it for today from the north coast of Ohio.






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Carolyn aka Skip

Time for a cool down!

When we were enjoying a mild winter with unseasonably warm temperatures, we didn’t forsee more of the same in mid-summer. A few minutes ago I walked out of an air-conditioned restaurant into a steam bath. Ninety-five sticky degrees are way too many. We’re breaking records here. I wonder what next winter will bring?



I learned a new word this week that was used by several blippers on my Blipfoto website. Bimbling refers to a style of walking. Think saunter or stroll for example. It is a perfect description of what I do when I set out for a photo walk in the park. Bimbling comes naturally to me. Yesterday I bimbled in North Chagrin Reservation, which is where I captured most of these pictures. Today I went walking, not bimbling, in my neighborhood and blipped the pictures of the young fawn and the turkey. Today’s walk was not a bimble, according to the definition I read here, because I had a specific purpose for my walk, which was to walk for at least 45 minutes and get some exercise and a few pictures that make me happy. But bimble or not, I enjoyed both walks and came home with some keepers. I hope you enjoy them too. I’m particularly happy with the photo of the killdeer. It’s definitely not the best of the lot, but those little birds are very shy, and I feel lucky to get a decent picture of this one. It’s another of the birds on my spring-summer birding list that I can now check off. Wahoo! Remember, you can click on any one of the pictures to bring up the larger version.

FYI The above link to the definition of bimble will take you to the Blipfoto journal of a cyclist/photographer from England. His journal is filled with wonderful landscapes. If you have time, browse in it for a while.

That’s it for today from the south shore of Lake Erie.
See you again soon.

Carolyn aka Skip

An unusual visitor

Today was the very first time a red-bellied woodpecker discovered the treats in my bird feeder. He didn’t know I was watching him from inside my kitchen window. It makes a great bird blind! I hope you enjoy watching him as much as I did. The hummingbird was another visitor today, so I added him to the gallery for good measure (Click on any picture to scroll through the slides).

That’s it from northeast Ohio on this sultry day when the high temperature reached 93 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot for our neck of the woods.


A downpour began as soon as I arrived at the arboretum, but I didn’t complain. This has been one very dry summer and the rain is welcome.

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