Sunny Sunday afternoon

I’ve been a delinquent photoblogger, but that doesn’t mean I have lost interest in taking pictures. And it doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking (almost) DAILY walks in the park. It does mean, though, that a nasty sinus infection has grounded me for more days than I would like. But today the sun is shining after a light snowfall during the overnight hours…our first measureable snowfall of the season. By the time I got to the park, most of the snow had been melted by the sun, but that’s okay. It was still a beautiful day for a walk. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Autumn has arrived!

Winter jacket, winter hat, and hand warmers were needed for my walk in the park today. On the plus side, it hasn’t rained all day and the wind has died down to a gentle breeze. Hurricane Sandy, aka the “storm of the century”, has moved out, leaving many people without power for several days and many more with tree limbs and branches littering their lawns. Most people here in northeast Ohio got off light, unlike the storm victims in New York and New Jersey. They need our sympathy and our prayers.

Here are some images from my walk in the park today. Click on one to bring up the slide show.

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