Patience is rewarded!


When photographing animals patience can produce some interesting expressions and interactions. Capturing a sharp picture of an animal is a challenge in itself, but, if you take your time (and multiple shots), you can end up with an animal that shows some personality, something unique to the moment. And don’t forget to carry some birdseed, peanuts, and dog treats in your pocket. Having these handy helps, especially when you want an animal to pose for the camera!

Here are a few more examples. Click on one and you can scroll through the gallery. I hope you find some that make you smile.

Carolyn aka Skip

Preschool entertainment goes wild!

2013_05_22_nature_060.jpg by skip22037
2013_05_22_nature_060.jpg, a photo by skip22037 on Flickr.

The bird song I usually hear as I walk the trail in Chagrin River Park was being drowned out this morning by a man’s amplified voice and the excited shouts and screams of very young children. Naturally I followed the sounds and discovered an end of the year celebration for a group of preschoolers who were being entertained by Jungle Terry and his wild animals.

Along with entertaining the children (and their parents), Terry was teaching them about the exotic animals he lifted out of his boxes. “Are snakes slimy?”” he asked them. “Should you pet strange animals?” The children called out “yes” and “no” at all the appropriate times, and it was obvious that they were learning and having wonderful fun at the same time.

Click on a picture below to see a few more wild animal shots. I hope you like them, but if snakes aren’t your “thing”, maybe you don’t want to look. The preschoolers didn’t have a problem with it though. They jumped right into the “close encounter.”

Carolyn aka Skip

Me hungry? You bet!

Me hungry? You bet! by skip22037
Me hungry? You bet!, a photo by skip22037 on Flickr.

This little yellow fluffball and his identical twin were dabbling in the bog at Chagrin River Park with their momma and siblings. He paddled in my direction, and I captured this picture.

Here are two more pictures of the little family:



The family included two little yellow ducklings and about seven brown and yellow ones. Counting them was a challenge because they were never still, and “momma” would herd them away whenever she noticed I was nearby. They sure were cute and fun to watch.

Carolyn aka Skip

Spring has gone missing!

I wonder where it went and when it will return? Last week we were basking in sunshine and wonderfully warm days. Trees and flowers burst into blossoms. I saw an oriole, a rose-breasted grosbeak, and a few ducklings on the bog. And I concluded that the long (very long) and slow (very slow) winter were finally drawing to a close. And then something strange happened. In the words of the cashier at Lowe’s Hardware Store where I purchased some birdseed and new feeders today, “We went backwards!” Back to winter…or so it seems. Rain, sleet, even a few snowflakes, and temperatures nearing the freezing mark…what a wakeup call! “Dont become complacent!” it seems to say. “Be thankful for the sights and sounds of spring; for the warm breezes, colorful flowers, and the sweet scent of blossoming fruit trees; but don’t take them for granted! Remember to “Take time to smell the roses.” Make the most of every moment. Sunshine and blue skies are not a guarantee. They are a gift!

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This has been a public service announcement by Carolyn aka Skip

Red, white, black, and prehistoric

The pileated woodpecker was in the park today. Because it has been more than a month since I last saw him, I was pretty excited. I thought perhaps he had moved on, so spotting him today was a treat. I have an iBird app on my phone that includes the songs of many different birds, so when I caught sight of him, I dug out my phone, opened the app, and played the song of the pileated woodpecker. To my surprise, he reacted by swooping across the trail in front of me, landing on a nearby tree. Eventually he flew out of my sight and up to the top of the sledding hill. I followed and found him again, bagging a few more pictures. In several of the pictures, I was actually above the W.P. because I was on the observation platform at the top of the hill, and he flew to one of the trees slightly below me. From that point, I had a pretty amazing view of Mr. Woodpecker! If you want to see larger pictures, click on one of them. I think the pileated is a pretty fascinating bird.Even on a cloudy and chilly day like today, spring photo walks can be filled with fun.I hope you enjoy the gallery.

Carolyn aka Skip

P.S. In the title, “prehistoric” refers to the look of the bird. To me, it looks like a throwback to prehistoric times.

Bluebird and more!

On my walk in the park today, I netted two spring birds and a chipmunk that I couldn’t resist snapping multiple times. I am aware that chipmunks can be pests, and they certainly can do a lot of damage, if given half a chance. A few years ago, one little chippy took out the air conditioning unit at our daughter’s house. Not just a little window AC unit, mind you, but the whole house unit. It was done for, and so was the chippy! Consequently my son-in-law is not one bit fond of chipmunks, but then he isn’t a photographer, and I am, so I like chippies because they are such photogenic little critters. Take a look!

A thunderstorm put an end to my walk today, but not before I had captured a bluebird. It’s not the greatest picture because he flew away before I could creep any closer, but bluebirds are beautiful, and I don’t get too many opportunities to photograph them, so here he is in all his glory:


Finally, here is one of our summer residents, an American goldfinch:

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoy them.
Skip aka Carolyn

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