A determined squirrel!

As I watched through the kitchen window on a recent winter morning, this little squirrel appeared on the scene:

2015_02_11_back yard_009

She discovered a big cake of bird seed on the ground, apparently knocked down by one of the deer that make regular overnight visits to our back yard bird buffet. Being a curious little squirrel…

2015_02_11_back yard_016

…and apparently a hungry one, she began to investigate the seed block from all angles to see if there was a way she could get at the goodies inside the wire cage. It was no small challenge for a young squirrel, but she had something going for her: determination.

2015_02_11_back yard_018

Climbing on top of the wire cage to survey the situation, she began her battle with the wire cage by putting her teeth to work. Unfortunately, although she has sharp little teeth, she still couldn’t reach the seed cake and she couldn’t bite through the wire. Hmmmm…what could she do next?

2015_02_11_back yard_019

She took a little break and thought through the situation. Realizing that she couldn’t reach the good stuff inside the cage while sitting on top of it, she jumped to the ground and renewed the attack from a different angle. Working with her teeth and paws together, she discovered that she could actually lift the cage and shove it around. Her spirits lifted, she carried on.  For an hour or more, she persevered, circling the cage, lifting it up, flipping it over, and pushing it around. I was beginning to admire her persistence and even considered going outside to lend a hand, when finally the lid to the cage popped open and she had access! NOW she could nibble on the end of the seed cake, but there wasn’t enough room for her to squeeze into the cage and enjoy a full meal. She knew she had to somehow get the cake out of the cage. So she rejoined the battle! More circling, flipping, and pushing ensued, and now the teeth and paws really got a workout. Here are some closeups of the action:

2015_02_11_back yard_031

2015_02_11_back yard_035

2015_02_11_back yard_039

2015_02_11_back yard_036

2015_02_11_back yard_062

2015_02_11_back yard_067-2

2015_02_11_back yard_067

Eventually I ran out of time for documenting the action, but I’m here to report that by the end of the afternoon  the seed cake had been devoured. Determination and perseverance had paid off, and a  small squirrel had won the day! This morning the empty cage lay on the ground with a small squirrel standing nearby, probably wondering how long it was going to be before I put a new seed cake in the cage.

The End!

Skip aka  Carolyn

Inside looking out!

I love walking and don’t usually mind cold weather; however, for the past week, I have felt absolutely no inclination to hit the trail. Cold and snow, followed by rain, sleet, and slush, and then  a slippery slide to more low temps and frozen trails have dampened my enthusiasm. Even tottering out to refill the bird feeders has been a major challenge. We saw one sunny day this week, but because of other commitments that day, I didn’t have time for a walk in the park. As a result, most of my pictures have been taken through the kitchen window. Squirrels, birds, and deer have visited the back yard buffet, but not in great numbers. Maybe they have decided to hibernate, and, truthfully, I really think they might have a good idea! However, I still take pictures every day, so just to prove that my camera is still getting a workout even if I’m not, here are a few back yard visitors and one surprise…


2015_02_10_back yard_053


2015_02_10_back yard_030

and for a change of pace,

here is a rose, rich in color, and speaking very hopefully of summer.

2015_02_06_around the house_005

Unfortunately, here on the south shore of Lake Erie,

we are still weeks away from even a faint hint of spring.

The rose, an early birthday gift from a friend, was a real spirit-lifter.

Carolyn aka Skip

On the trail today…

2015_02_02_Chagrin River Park_057

… I enjoyed a snowy (and very cold) walk. We were blessed with 8-10 inches of snow on Sunday and Monday. Although some people probably wouldn’t consider that a blessing, it definitely makes photography more interesting. As challenging as it was to walk the snow-covered trails in the park, I couldn’t resist getting out to take some pictures. I finished my walk with a potpourri of pictures: landscapes, animals (mostly birds), and a few people who just came to the park to have fun in the snow.

Let’s start with the landscapes…

2015_02_03_Chagrin River Park_029

Fence rail

2015_02_02_Chagrin River Park_076

2015_02_02_Chagrin River Park_006

And now for a few birds & a dog that always makes me smile…

2015_02_03_Chagrin River Park_008

Not just one or two, but three pictures of a white-throated sparrow who was willing to pose…and that’s a pretty rare occasion because they usually prefer to hide behind twigs and branches when I point the camera in their direction…2015_02_03_Chagrin River Park_021

2015_02_03_Chagrin River Park_019

2015_02_03_Chagrin River Park_016

And a couple of titmice that were puzzled by the snow…

2015_02_02_Chagrin River Park_034

2015_02_02_Chagrin River Park_042

…but still remembered to grab a big seed.

And I mustn’t forget the dog named Gilligan, called Gigs for short, who always makes me smile. Don’t be fooled by his woebegone expression. According to his person, he was looking forward to this walk in the park and wasn’t about to be left at home, even though the snow was almost deeper in places than Gigs was tall. Oh, and in case you are wondering, that scarf (or snood) around his head is to keep his long basset ears from dragging in the snow and getting frostbite.

2015_02_02_Chagrin River Park_066

And finally, some people!

Although there weren’t many people in the park because the temps were way-below-freezing,

I did spot a few…

All bundled up and heading for the hill

2015_02_03_Chagrin River Park_035

2015_02_03_Chagrin River Park_035

We’ve made it to the end of the trail.

Time to head home for a warm cup of delicious, rich, choclately cocoa!

Thanks for joining me for my walk in the park today.

See you soon.

Skip aka Carolyn

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