Betty’s 90th birthday celebration!

On Sunday, August 23, 2015, my friends Lisa and Terry hosted a big 90th birthday celebration for Lisa’s mom, Betty. The family gathered at Lisa and Terry’s home for a picnic-swim party-all-around-fun-time to celebrate her 90th birthday, and I was the lucky one to get to take these pictures of this happy group! (Click on a picture to enlarge the gallery.)

A surprise visitor

I glanced out the window and was surprised to see this northern flicker sitting on the grass by my patio. He seemed to be picking up insects, and he kept it up for at least five minutes. This is the first time I can recall a flicker visiting our backyard bird buffet, so I was delighted to catch him with my camera. I have seen them on the trees in the park, but never in my backyard. It was a rainy day, one that was going to keep me indoors, so what a gift to be able to capture his picture, just by opening the window and leaning out a little. These are the best of the 10 or 11 shots I took before he flew away (The red in the lower right corner is the leg of the patio chair). (Click on a picture to enlarge the gallery.)

That’s it for today’s post, which involved a glance out the window rather than a walk “along the trail.”

Thanks for stopping by.
Carolyn aka Skip

Celebrating 50 years with Ann & Joe

2015_08_15_Ann & Joe_008
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Fifty years ago, on August 21, 1965, Ann Hitchen and Joe Lingenfelter joined their hands and their lives as they embarked on an adventure called marriage. Joe was about to begin his second year of seminary and would be ordained as a UCC pastor in 1967. Those first two years Ann worked as a secretary at Franklin and Marshal College.

Fifty years, two sons and 3 parsonages later, they have embarked on a new adventure known as retirement, and on July 25, 2015, they invited their family and friends to join them at the Carriage Corner Restaurant in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, for a buffet dinner to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

To begin the evening, Joe and Ann welcomed their guests and introduced each one, a daunting task to my way of thinking, but obviously their memories are much better than mine because the introductions were flawless. They were also highly entertaining, as table by table, a room full of strangers learned where, when, and how the lives of each of the others intersected with Joe and Ann’s life. In a very short time, everyone felt warmly welcomed as part of Joe and Ann’s extended family. Strangers no more!

My husband (Joe’s brother, Bob) had suggested that I try to record this event in pictures, giving me an excuse to circulate the room during the evening, introducing myself and asking people to pose for the camera. I can’t say that I reached everyone, but I tried, and every single person I approached was willing to pose. Here are the pictures of those extraordinary people:

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An unplanned walk

A walk in the Holden Arboretum wasn’t part of my plan this morning, but when Lisa and I finished our meeting, she suggested a walk in the Arboretum before we went to lunch, and I definitely wasn’t going to say no. We both love the Arboretum, and who could resist an opportunity like that on a beautiful day like this?

Today will probably go down as the first time I’ve gone photowalking without my camera! Nevertheless, I did get a few shots with my phone, and I’m posting them here as a reminder of a good meeting, a great lunch, and a wonderful walk in the butterfly garden. My phone doesn’t take good pictures, but the memories are great, even if the pictures aren’t (Click on a picture if you want to scroll through the gallery).

That’s it for today’s unplanned blog post!
I hope you enjoyed the short walk as much as I did.

Carolyn aka Skip

Trail walking at the Cleveland zoo

Do you enjoy zoos? If so, Cleveland has an excellent zoo for you to visit. Donna and Jack, our friends from Virginia professed to enjoy zoos, so that’s where we headed for this short tour. If you love animals, come along as we take a trail walk through the zoo. For some reason, the weather always seems to turn very hot when we schedule a zoo visit, and this day was no exception. The morning was cool, but by mid-afternoon, the temperature was approaching 90 degrees. Hot? Yes, so I hope you packed your water bottle along with your camera because the zoo is hilly, and we’re in for a bit of a hike!

NOTE: Because we saw so many interesting animals, I am going to divide them into three galleries: the outside critters, those that live in the Rainforest, and a surprise at the end (Be sure to click on a picture in each gallery to scroll through the larger versions).

The outside animals

There are many thoughtfully designed outside habitats at the zoo, where you can see lions and tigers and bears, but today the lions were sleeping, and there were no giraffes (oh my)! Donna and I felt bad about that!

Now off to the RAINFOREST!

This special section of the zoo can be found right outside the main entrance. You will recognize it by the big dome that covers the entire area and helps to control the habitat. Purchase your ticket at the zoo gate, and then just show it to the attendant when you enter the rainforest.

And finally, the surprise.

Before we leave the zoo, let’s take a few minutes to say hello to the orangutan family. We always make a point of spending some time with them while we visit the zoo, and this time they had a surprise for us: a baby! Take a look at this little family. Do they remind you of anyone you know?

Well, friends, that’s it for this visit to the zoo. In retrospect, it wasn’t really short, and I can think of many more pictures I should have included. I guess we will have to make a return visit. The next time, we will wait until fall when the temperature is cooler, and maybe the giraffes will come out to say hello.

Thanks for walking the zoo trail with me today.
Carolyn aka Skip

Brigadoon aka Chautauqua Institute

Brigadoon! That’s what the tour guide called it. Last week we took another trip to Chautauqua Institute in southwest New York state. Although it is only a two hour ride from home, when I walk through the gate to find myself surrounded by lovely victorian homes and tall shade trees with Lake Chautauqua a short walk downhill, I feel as if I have left the ordinary world behind and entered a mystical, magical place…much like Brigadoon.  The nine week summer season at Chautauqua starts in June and lasts only nine weeks…and although it doesn’t vanish like the hauntingly mystical Brigadoon, Chautauqua is an amazing place with a mystique all its own. On Friday and Saturday we were immersed in that mystique, and I loved every minute of it. I don’t have time (nor energy) for a long post today, so this will be a sampler of some of the sights and sounds of Chautauqua. The sounds, the symphony rehearsing for an evening concert and a bagpiper practicing on the green, you will have to imagine, but I hope you enjoy this little taste of “Brigadoon.”

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