A little backyard birding

Time for a trail walk has not fit into my schedule this week, so this morning I decided to do a little back yard birding. This lazy way to create a blog post has its advantages and disadvantages. When the weather is windy, rainy, and chilly, or when my schedule just doesn’t allow the time for a walk along the trails, I pick up my camera, position myself inside an open kitchen window, and wait. That is definitely an advantage, and here are a few birds I “captured” in a very short time the other morning:

Maybe you are wondering about the disadvantages of this approach to birding. In my mind there are two:

  1. The number of birds that come to our feeders is limited compared to the species I see on the trail. Eastern bluebirds are an example. To my disappointment, a bluebird has never appeared at our feeders, even though I buy seeds that supposedly appeal to them.
  2. Exercise, or lack of it, is the other disadvantage. As much as I wish for it, standing inside our kitchen window hasn’t been a good way to burn off calories. Sad, but true!

So there you have it, for this short post. I hope you enjoyed seeing my little back yard birds.

See you soon.
Trail Walker





12 Replies to “A little backyard birding”

  1. What kind of seed do you put out for Bluebirds? I’m not aware of them eating seeds. Most people put out mealworms for them. I don’t, because I don’t have the habitat here, no open areas.


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