Highlights of the Week: A new feature

2015_12_31_Chagrin River Park_049
Not much snow so far this year

This is the inaugural post of my “Highlights of the Week”feature. At the end of each week, I will review all my images and choose those I believe best represent the week.  At the end of the year, if I manage to remain faithful to my concept, I will have posted 52 eclectic galleries, not all taken from my trail walks, but a mixture of pictures from the places and events that constitute my week. More photos than words, it will be a summary of where I’ve been and what I’ve done during the preceding seven days. I will begin with images captured between December 25, 2015 and today, January 1, 2016, so the pictures will be a mix of our family Christmas, our church Christmas Day community dinner, and our New Year’s Eve trail walk, the last one of 2015.

I chose the photo at the top of this page because it gives me an opportunity to show the tiny bit of snow, mostly sleet, that  has fallen in the past 12 hours. According to the newspaper, last month was the warmest December on record. I, for one, am not complaining.

On Christmas morning we helped serve a Christmas dinner for anyone who came through the door in search of a hot meal. Volunteers from the church and community prepared and served the meal, then cleaned up the kitchen and fellowship hall before heading home to spend the rest of the day with their families:

After helping with the cleanup at the church, we gathered at Alison and Mike’s home for our Christmas dinner and gift exchange.


During the week between Christmas and New Years, we helped to undecorate the church, updated the sign in front of the church, and took the very last trail walk of 2015.

That’s it for this week. I have had a tough time completing this post. Apparently WordPress has made some changes since I last posted that I will have to figure out before I do my next weekly update.

Happy New Year everyone.
See you soon!

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