Lots of activity in our backyard today. Rose breasted grosbeaks, Baltimore orioles, and a little Eastern bluebird. Here are the orioles, but I’m saving the others for tomorrow when I have more time.

2017_05_02_Places_Backyard birding00702017_05_02_Places_Backyard birding0067

2017_05_02_Places_Backyard birding0064-Edit

It has been a cool, cloudy, and overcast day, but these visitors made the sun come out for me and put a smile on my face! I hope they give you a smile too.

Thanks for visiting. ~Trail Walker

19 Replies to “Orioles!”

  1. Hi Skip. You’ve had some wonderful posts over the last couple of weeks. Love those Orioles and the owls. Looking good. Hope to get back on an even keel soon.

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    1. Thanks, Camille. It has been exciting to enjoy the Spring migration. This is the best time for birding in NE Ohio, especially right here on the south side of Lake Erie. Many migrating birds drop down for a rest before they continue the journey across the lake, so we get extra opportunities to see (and photograph) them.


    1. Thanks, Eliza. Migration is a pretty dependable event, same birds, same routes, and nearly the same dates each year. Nevertheless, it’s also a very exciting time of year for bird watchers and photographers.


  2. So beautiful. I had a rose-breasted grosbeak visit for just a moment. I am hoping we are on the path of the indigo buntings again this year. Your pictures are wonderful, thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you, Terri. Love those indigo buntings, but I don’t see them often. Last year I managed to capture several pictures of a bunting, but that’s all. Maybe this will be the year.


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