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Seen Along the Trail is my trail walking home. three or four times each week I post articles and photos based on the experiences I have and the people I meet “along the trail.”

However, there are other places where I post supplemental pictures, profiles, and other related materials. If you are interested, you can check out the following sites:



  • Moments to Remember-powered by SmugMug, is where you will find my photo galleries.
  • Fabulous Friday Faces, a photo gallery on Moments to Remember,  is a special project I initiated in 2013. There I post portraits of people I meet along the trail. I often also post profiles of the people behind the “Fabulous Faces” in Trail Walker’s blog, usually on Fridays.
  • Skip’s Blips-powered by Blipfoto, is where I have posted regularly for over seven years. Blipfoto is a photo-a-day site, populated by wonderfully warm and supportive people known as Blippers. It’s a community of photographers, and posting a daily picture there is sort of like coming home to be with people who care about you.
  •  Skip’s Photoblog-powered by WordPress, is an archive of posts from before I started Trail Walker’s Blog.
  • Trail Walker’s Facebook page, created recently to supplement Trail Walker’s blog. I’ve never had time to be a face booker, given the amount of time I spend trail walking, processing pictures, posting them, and trying to learn new and better ways to use my camera. But we were encouraged in Blogging 201 to use at least one social media site to bring followers to our blog, so I’ve dipped my toe in the FB waters.

There you have them…my special places online. If you want to visit one, just click on the name to go there. On a blog, feedback is always helpful, so if you see something you like (this page included), click on the like button please.

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