Who writes this blog?


My  name is Carolyn, and I am the blogger.

I am also known as  Skip, so that’s how I sign my blog posts.

If that’s all you want to know…click here to jump right to my latest blog post.

But if you really want to know a little more about me, read on…

  • I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and christened Mary Carolyn, although very few people know about the Mary part, and some people call me Skip.
  • My husband and I live near Lake Erie in beautiful northeastern Ohio, however…
  • …I wouldn’t object to moving farther south where trees and flowers burst into bloom by March 1st instead of April 30th.
  • We have three adult daughters and 3 sons-in-law, plus 8 grandchildren (including one by marriage).
  • Before retiring, I taught writing to middle school students, …so blogging is natural for me.
  • I also love nature and get my exercise by walking the trails of local parks.
  • Since retiring I have become an enthusiastic amateur photographer, and…
  • I have maintained a daily photo journal here for over seven years.
  • I also have another blog where I focus on nature photography.
  • A word of warning: I complain a lot about the weather, especially in the spring, but normally I am a pretty easy-going person.

That’s enough for now. If you like what you see in my blog, please tap on menu at the top of this page. Then click the follow button to follow my blog.

Thanks for visiting!

Carolyn aka Skip

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