Welcome to Seen Along The Trail. Trail walking is my favorite outdoor activity. When I was born, the youngest of three sisters, my parents christened me Carolyn, but today many friends call me Skip, a nickname that goes back to my college days. After graduation my husband, Bob, and I raised a family, and with three daughters, great sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren, we were busy and life was full. For many years, I taught in elementary and middle school classrooms. Then, one morning in June, I retired!

Closing the classroom door behind me, I headed outside, and began a new hobby: Trail Walking! I have always enjoyed the time I spend outdoors, so on that June morning, when I happily found myself with extra time on my hands, a new digital camera in my backpack, and the opportunity to learn a useful new skill, photography, the decision about what to do next was easy! I put on my walking shoes, picked up my camera, and began trekking the trails near my home in northeast Ohio. 

Blipping and Blogging

Since that day, trail walking and backyard birding have become sources of real joy for me, as I have gradually collected thousands of pictures, some right outside my back door and others farther afield, wherever my trailwalks have taken me.

Through the years, I accumulated so many pictures that I needed to find a better way to preserve and share my growing collection. In 2008 I discovered Blipfoto, an online community of photographers, or blippers, from all over the world. If you take a lot of pictures and have found yourself in a similar situation, I invite you to give blipping a try. It’s a fun way to curate your collection. Blippers are a friendly bunch; it’s easy to get started…and it’s free! Click here to check out my page: Skip’s Blips.

Because I like to write, as well as take pictures, I also blog about things I see and people I meet as I walk the trails. My blog, Seen Along the Trail, reflects the many walks I have taken. Take a look, and if you like what you see, come back often to join me for more treks along the trails.

~Trail Walker