Take a hike!

Pack up the camera, put a leash on the dog, pick up the grandchildren and head to the Holden Arboretum for a hike. That's what we did on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Once we reached the arboretum, we took the trail that leads, via the Molly Offutt Memorial Boardwalk, into the Pierson Creek valley. It …

Senior citizen

Walking the trail in a new park today, we passed this old tree trunk.The land that is now a park was once used for farming, and many of the trees have grown up since the farmers moved away; however, this "senior citizen" has been around for a long time. It may have seen better days, …

How long?

How long will it be before this... becomes this... ...or eventually this? And does it matter? Each one has its place in nature, and, to my eye, each one has a beauty of its own.

Guess who came to dinner?

On my walk in the park this afternoon, I stopped at a bench beside the trail and scattered a little buffet for the birds, but guess who came to dinner...and beat the birds to it. I had to dig into my pocket and replenish the supply for the other little birds.

Not your average weed

Milkweed is a gourmet meal for the caterpillar and is reportedly edible by humans too. I won't be adding it to my menu anytime soon, but I may plant some in the garden for the monarchs. More interesting info about milkweed