A Boy & His Dog

Wally had a great time playing by (and in) the river with Bryan on his visit to northeast Ohio. Actually, maybe it was Bryan who was having the most fun, although he didn’t have to get in the river to have fun and for Wally, being in the water was the most fun he had all day.

That’s all for today. See you soon!

Trail Walker

Nikki’s celebration

On Sunday, May 31, 2015, Bob and I drove to Kent to celebrate Nikki’s graduation from medical school (a much anticipated detour off my usual photo walking trail). The celebration, a fantastic brunch hosted by Nikki’s parents, was held at the Pufferbelly, once an old RR station and now a superb place for lunch, brunch, and special celebrations! Eight years ago (I think it was) we attended Nikki’s first graduation when she, Bryan (at that time her future husband), and their classmates graduated from Kent Roosevelt High School. Since that day, she has accumulated quite a few degrees. Although she told me it wasn’t because she was all that crazy about school, once she started down that trail she just-kept-on-going until she reached her destination, a medical school degree. Congratulations, Nikki! You set a challenging goal, and your dedication, single-mindedness, and perseverance have carried you through. Along the way, in addition to diplomas and degrees, you have also accumulated a wonderful (No, I’m not biased) husband, a dog, and, for the time being, two apartments, one in Toledo and another in New York City.

Here are a few memories from your celebration (Click on a picture to scroll through the gallery).

So Nikki, today you and Bryan have reached a major crossroad. With your “schooling” behind you, you can look forward to more challenging and exciting experiences as he returns to Michigan to finish university and you put on that (metaphorical) white coat with Dr. Nikki Wawrin inscribed above the pocket.

2015_05_31_untitled_070I spotted this old railroad crossing sign on my way out to the parking lot after your brunch. What serendipity! May it remind you both to stop, look, and listen in the days (and years) ahead…to your professors, your colleagues, and to each other.  Oh, and forgive me for indulging in one last grandmotherly piece of advice, take time to give thanks…always remember to give thanks!

God bless you both!

Grandma L.

Celebrating Nikki and Bryan’s wedding

October 18, 2014 was a very rainy day, but we weren’t going to let a little rain interfere with our celebration of Bryan and Nikki’s marriage. The ceremony was held at Hale Farm and Village in Bath, Ohio. Naturally I took pictures at the reception. I regretted that I couldn’t take any during the ceremony, but as grandmother of the groom, I was sitting in the very front row…too close to take photos. Here is a gallery of reception pictures:

Despite the uncooperative weather, it was a memorable day! Thanks for visiting my gallery.

Carolyn aka Skip

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