Trail walking

Trail walking with my camera is my hobby…one that can take up many hours each day if I let it, and it is a hobby that has many advantages.

  • It motivates me to take a walk in a park five or six days each week.
  • It’s a great way to get exercise.
  • I’ve met many wonderful people by striking up a conversation and asking if I can take their picture.
  • I also get to pet other people’s dogs because that’s a great way to get the conversational ball rolling (and I love dogs).
  • It’s a wonderful way to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.
  • I’m learning how to take better pictures (although I still have a lot to learn).
  • It keeps me active and learning new things, mostly about nature and photography.

However, there are a few  disadvantages as well. The major disadvantage is the amount of time it takes every day. In addition to the daily walk (a definite advantage), there is the time it takes to…

  • download the pictures to my computer.
  • process the pictures, i.e. cropping them, and all the rest.
  • upload the keepers to this blog and to Flickr, Facebook, Blipfoto, and SmugMug. On any given day I will probably post pictures on a least two of those sites.
  • add captions to the pictures.
  • write the descriptions needed on some of those websites.
  • write this blog!

So there you have it! Numerically speaking, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (but not by much), and it is a huge time-consumer. So will I give it up and go back to reading mystery books in my free time? Nope, nada, never, absolutely NOT! As long as I can get out of bed in the morning and go for that daily walk, I will keep on walking. It gives me so much JOY!

On today’s walk I captured two bird pictures that I cannot identify with any confidence. I think the first one is a juvenile American robin.

2014_06_23_Chagrin River Park_009

The second one may be a song sparrow, but it is missing the dark spot in the middle of its breast. Maybe it is a juvenile too.

2014_06_23_Chagrin River Park_044

What do you think, fellow bloggers? If you have a definitive ID for either of these two beauties, please leave a comment. I had a great walk in the park this morning and made it home (before the crackles and booms began) with several keepers besides these two. I posted all of them here in my SmugMug gallery. I hope you have time to take a look.

That’s it for today. I’ve run out of time (She says with a smile on her face).

Hit or miss blogging

The weather in northeast Ohio has been very untypical this winter. Instead of our usual snow and cold temperatures, we have been enjoying mild temperatures and very little snow. When we do get some precip, it is more likely to be rain than snow. The mild weather makes it much easier to get out and about. This week I haven’t even needed my boots. It’s not exactly tropical, but I won’t complain, and I am still getting out every day with my camera. Here are a few pictures I snapped today while I was walking in the park.

So what do I mean by the title on today’s blog entry? Well, taking pictures continues to be an every day part of my life, but blogging has become temporarily sidetracked, while I’ve been learning how to use my new iMac and Lightroom 3, both Christmas presents and both requiring a bit of a learning curve and a lot of time. I’m having plenty of fun with them though and have even mustered up the courage to start shooting in raw rather than jpeg. Lightroom makes that a pretty easy transition.

More about this transition in my photographic life at another time. It’s time to sign off for this post. Thanks for visiting my northeast corner of Ohio today. I welcome your visit and your comments. See you again very soon.

~Carolyn aka Skip

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