Back to the birds!

It’s bird season again. For this photographer that means two things: the leaves have fallen off the trees and food for the warblers and other small birds is less plentiful. Finally I can see them and snap pictures of them along the trail. All summer I could hear them and catch a glimpse as they flitted through the tree tops, but now I can actually see them, and, if patient, I can capture their pictures for my blog. Here are a few I have captured this week:

9 Replies to “Back to the birds!”

  1. Beautiful photos! I must say that those birds are irresistibly cute. By the way, I saw a painted bunting (male) on my bird feeder last spring. I had no idea what kind of bird it was until I researched it on the internet. Do you ever see any in your area? Anyway, thanks for sharing such lovely photos. πŸ™‚


  2. Lovely pictures. I’ve seen a Northern Cardinal this year in NYC and didn’t know what it is. I thought it was a small parrot that got lost, almost called the RSPCA πŸ˜€

    We don’t have some of these birds in Europe, so you can understand my predicament.


  3. The Black-capped chickadee is so sweet but … The northern cardinal is one of my favorite birds, these images are truly sublime, what chance you had to have been able to photograph them so closely

    This is clearly a pleasure to return to your blog

    Have a nice continuation


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