Weird weather…to put it mildly

When I browse the journals of my favorite photographers on, I can’t help but be aware that the weather has been weird just about everywhere this winter: warm when you might expect it to be cold and snowy; cold when you were looking forward to warm; and wet when the weather prognosticators promised dryer than normal. For the past four months, my corner of Ohio has been the opposite of what was called for by the (so-called) weather experts. We were told to expect a colder and wetter than usual winter. Well, wetter was right, but we were thinking SNOW, and we got RAIN…LOTS of rain and temperatures much milder than normal for the south shore of Lake Erie. Yes, we have had a little snow, but very little compared to previous winters.

Last night we even had a thunderstorm and a tornado watch. Weird happenings in the weather department. Two pictures that I snapped this past week, just four days apart, summarize this weird winter.
On Saturday, when sweatshirts and warm winter coats were necessary for the dogs, along with hats, gloves, boots,and hand warmers for this human, I snapped this picture of Chester and Charlie walking in the wind-driven pellets of icy snow:

Four days later, with the temperature just below 70 degrees, the boys were basking in the afternoon sun:

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Or next week? Spring is only about 18 days away by the calendar, so what should we expect? One thing is certain, as weird as the weather is, it has kept us (and the forecasters) guessing.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.
~Carolyn aka Skip

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