The world outside my window…

A spring walk

…is bursting into bloom. Magnolia trees, forsythia bushes, daffodils, and more are brightening up what has been a pretty dull landscape for most of the winter. We usually have a fair amount of snow here in northeast Ohio. Lake Erie freezes over for part of the winter, and our local river, the Chagrin, is almost always covered with ice thick enough to walk on during January and February. None of that happened this winter. Without snow on the ground, I didn’t have a good background for the pictures I took in the park. But now winter seems to be over, although spring snowfall isn’t unheard of. A few years back we woke up on Easter morning to several inches of very unwelcome white stuff! However, we have arrived at the official first day of spring in the midst of an extended warm spell with temperatures near or above 70 degrees. My thermometer currently reads 75 sunny degrees to the delight of just about everyone. Here is what it looked like in the Arboretum today when I stopped to wander around after my visit to the dentist.


If these spring scenes have whetted your appetite for more, I posted a slide show here. I hope you enjoyed your short visit to the Arboretum today. See you soon.

~Carolyn aka Skip

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