A cool but sunny Friday morning turned into a rainy and much colder afternoon. I needed a blip (photo) to post in my Blipfoto journal where I post one picture every day, but I didn’t much feel like a photo walk in the rain. Then the lightbulb (the imaginary one over my head) flashed on, and I headed for my son-in-law’s chicken coop. It was raining a bit, but if I hurried I could get a few pictures without getting too wet. The hens weren’t too cooperative, looking everywhere but at the camera, but here are a few of the pictures I captured as they wandered around their yard, pecking at all sorts of tasty tidbits, real and imagined…


Then the thunder started to rumble, so I dashed to the car and headed for home.

Not my usual birds, but they’ll do. They’re actually rather cute pretty. That’s it for today from Ohio’s north coast. Thanks for stopping by.

See you again soon.
Carolyn aka Skip 


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