6 Replies to “Just want to say…”

  1. Hi Skip….how lovely to return from Cuba to find you kind words and nomination for the Sunshine Blog Award….how wonderful, i’ve never been nominated for an award before 🙂 I’m still not really sure what i’m supposed to do, but i’ll head back to your post abou it and i’m sure i can figure it all out. i’m just trying to get myself oriented to home again, after a wonderful trip but a somewhat grueling day of travel yesterday…6.30am – 10.30pm….a long haul, but very much worth it! i’m just about to begin the editing process of my over 600 photographs…..and will get my back blips organized in the next few days!! cheers, Linda


    1. That’s a load of pictures to process, Linda, but I hope by now you’ve made a dent in them. I know you have been busy with pottery too, but it must have been great to get away and see all that tropical beauty.


  2. Hi Skip….how lovely to find your comment on my blog when i got back from Cuba – and thank you so much for such an honour, i’m still not sure what it is i have to do…but i’ll head back to your posting about it in a bit and figure it all out! just getting myself back on the ground, after long and grueling travel day….6.30am till 10.30 pm!! but it was worth it of course, it was wonderful. i’m in the process of editing the over 600 images i took….now there some work for me eh….but look out for my back blips in the next few days.

    cheers, linda


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