Birding again

You would never believe that it got so warm today I had to take off my jacket…and it was only a spring jacket. The sun showed its face occasionally, but the skies were mostly cloudy. This morning we even had a thunderstorm, much to Gulliver’s dismay. The crackles and booms turn him into a quivering furball. Storms are expected for tonight too, so along about mid-afternoon, I headed for the park. Didn’t want to chance leaving it for much later and encountering the predicted storms.

The birds were busy, and I was excited to see my first bright yellow and black male goldfinch for this season. …such a striking bird. Unfortunately he didn’t hang around for a photo opp. I also spotted sparrows, titmice, and redwing blackbirds, but most of my pictures are woodpeckers: a downy that picked up a peanut chip I dropped near him on the ground and a red-bellied woodpecker that did quite a bit of posing for me. I’m beginning to suspect that they have a healthy streak of vanity. It’s beginning to thunder already, so maybe I should shut down the computer until it passes over, but not until after I post my pictures from today’s walk.

That’s all for right now. I may be back later, but that depends on the weather. Rain is falling now. I can’t complain though because we haven’t had much rain lately.

Carolyn aka Skip

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