Mothers’ Day

We were graced with beautiful weather for Mothers’ Day this year. An after church brunch at Corky and Lenny’s with our middle daughter’s family and a creamy dark chocolate ice cream cone in Chagrin Falls with our youngest’s daughter’s family made the day extra special. As it happened, I wasn’t in photography mode, being more focused (pun not intended) on family, but I pulled my pocket camera out and captured these shots of the falls.


An afternoon wander in Chagrin Falls  is a very good thing. Take some family or friends along, and it is even more special.  On a Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people will be strolling by the river, window shopping, dog walking, and hiking down the stairs to view the falls. Don’t forget to take your camera and be sure to enjoy an ice cream cone while you are there.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Carolyn aka Skip 

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