Animal acrobatics

My bird feeder has been visited regularly by this little squirrel…so often that I finally decided to give him a name. I’m calling him Squeak the squirrel. He climbs into the bird feeding tray and swings gently while munching on the tasty treats I provide for the birds to enjoy. Today I glanced out the kitchen window, and there he was hanging by his toes and tail, nibbling away at a suet cake. He took a big bite, gently lowered himself to the full length of his furry little body, ate the suet, pulled himself back up to the the suet cake to take another bite, then repeated the process. Over and over and over again! Squeak is a champion acrobat who never seems to tire as long as the suet is available. If I step out the back door, he nimbly scampers down the pole and zips away, only to return as soon as I’m not outside any longer. I can’t call him a pet, but he definitely provides me with plenty of entertainment.

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The best thing about today is that it finally rained! And it felt so good. Tonight the temperature is a wonderful 70 degrees, much better than the 95 we had a few days ago.

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Carolyn aka Skip

3 Replies to “Animal acrobatics”

  1. great pictures! We’ve named our favorite squirrel and frequent visitor, Mr. Whiskers….don’t they make us smile? 🙂


  2. What a cutie! Especially love the close-up of him hanging upside down (nice detail)! I know a lot of people consider squirrels a nuisance, but I think they’re cute, and full of personality!


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