Rainy day birds

A day long rain is such a novelty! At least it is this summer in Ohio. We have seen very little rain in recent months, but today it rained all day to my delight. It didn’t keep the birds from the feeders either. I am pleased to report that the hummingbirds have not all gone south yet. Recently I read that the males migrate first, then the females a couple of weeks later, followed by the juveniles. This week we have had some of each at our nectar feeder, buzzing around it with great enthusiasm. They are such fun to watch, but I felt a little sorry for them today because they looked so very soggy.

So much for the rainy day pictures. I’m still hoping to capture a really sharp picture of the hummers before the migration begins, but that will take much brighter light than we had today.

See ya soon!
Skip aka Carolyn

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