Preschool entertainment goes wild!

2013_05_22_nature_060.jpg by skip22037
2013_05_22_nature_060.jpg, a photo by skip22037 on Flickr.

The bird song I usually hear as I walk the trail in Chagrin River Park was being drowned out this morning by a man’s amplified voice and the excited shouts and screams of very young children. Naturally I followed the sounds and discovered an end of the year celebration for a group of preschoolers who were being entertained by Jungle Terry and his wild animals.

Along with entertaining the children (and their parents), Terry was teaching them about the exotic animals he lifted out of his boxes. “Are snakes slimy?”” he asked them. “Should you pet strange animals?” The children called out “yes” and “no” at all the appropriate times, and it was obvious that they were learning and having wonderful fun at the same time.

Click on a picture below to see a few more wild animal shots. I hope you like them, but if snakes aren’t your “thing”, maybe you don’t want to look. The preschoolers didn’t have a problem with it though. They jumped right into the “close encounter.”

Carolyn aka Skip

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