A new resident of the bog

Much to my delight I saw the little red squirrel again today and in the exact same area where I spotted her a couple of weeks ago. Although I could easily be wrong, I am thinking it may be a momma-to-be squirrel. I really have no solid evidence to support that conclusion, but her behaviors seem to suggest that she is going to call the bog her home for the summer at least. I hope she stays. It would be fun to have a family of red squirrels to watch. They are much smaller and cuter than our resident grey squirrels, (but don’t tells the greys I said that). To show you what I mean by cute, here are a few images of her antics today: (Click to enlarge them.)

For the record
  • The weather for most of today was grey and gloomy and the high temperature was only 51 degrees. For that reason I didn’t go out until late when the sun finally showed up…She (Merry Sunshine) only played a bit part today…sort of a cameo appearance.
  • Getting fit didn’t happen today either as I only walked 2632 steps on my abbreviated visit to the park.
  • Have I mentioned how tired I am of “grey and gloomy”? Honestly? If you have any sun to share, please send it this way. I would welcome it.

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Carolyn aka Skip

PS: if you are a dog lover and missed yesterday’s daffy-nition post, please take a look.

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