Was I ever that young?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Snapshot Stories.”

The prompt instructed me to find a photo album and write a post about the first picture of myself that I found in the album. I don’t know if it is cheating or not, but, after looking through some old albums, I amended the prompt to read, “…find the oldest picture of yourself and write a post about it.” This (unretouched) photo,  the oldest picture I could find of myself, sent me wandering down memory lane. Most of my photowalks are recent walks on the trails in my favorite parks, but if, for a change, you want to wander with me off the beaten path, read on.


The back story:

During my growing-up-years, my father was the family photographer, and this picture, since digitized, was found in one of his albums. I was in high school when this was taken, and at that time, the ukulele was enjoying a lot of popularity in the U.S.  I think it may have been Arthur Godfrey (anyone remember him?) who was responsible for its popularity. Anyway, I was a “ukulele wannabe.” I probably learned three or four chords before I realized I was never going to make it to stardom on The Arthur Godfrey Show, but this photo of me, snapped in the corner of my teenaged bedroom, is proof that I was once that young, actually owned a ukulele, and had aspirations of musical fame and fortune.

Arthur Godfrey is long gone, so are my parents, and I have no idea what happened to the ukulele after I left home, but just looking at this old photo brings back memories of the much younger person I once was and gives me a warm-fuzzy-happy-feeling.  I have a smile on my face as I write this. I am so glad Daddy saved this photo. It must have meant something to him too, and I wish I could share it with him today.

Thanks for looking at this “way-off-the-trail” blog post. Maybe you could find an old picture of yourself and take a photowalk down memory lane.

Carolyn aka Skip

9 Replies to “Was I ever that young?”

  1. Gerry started learning the uke jUst few years ago. Now she plays with group occasionally. You could resume your career. I still have Daddy’s violin Perhaps we could form a trio. Will think of name. Back door neighbor & friend.


    1. I didn’t realize Gerry played the uke. I would have asked her about it when we had lunch last week. To tell the truth, I had forgotten about it until I was digging through my old pictures. A trio would be fun if I still had my ukulele.


  2. Hey. May I join you ladies? Walking back through the years. I did know Arthur Godfrey, but I don’t think I watched much. He might have been on on Sunday nights. I was always at church. That’s my best guess of why I didn’t watch him regularly. Sad to say, but I don’t remember. I do very little picture taking – just digitals of grand and great-grands. I also am retired from school teaching. It was hard work but it was my life during those years. I loved it with a passion. I’ll look in on you.


  3. And do you remember the doll in this photo? Does she have a name? She looks familiar, maybe I had one too. And yes, I remember Arthur Godfrey!


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