Friday Faces: The ” face” inside the cow costume

Yesterday on my walk in the Arboretum, I was so focused (pun intended) on using my new monopod that I passed up two really good opportunities to add someone to my Friday Face gallery. On the way home from the Arboretum, I briefly berated myself for my forgetfulness, but it was too late to go back and recapture the moments I missed. That’s the thing with Friday Faces. You want to get them when the “getting is good,” as the expression says, because you may see that particular person again, but you, equally well, may not.

So today I was determined to capture a new stranger for my Friday Face, even if I was a day late. (Remember, the rule says to post a “Face” on Friday, but rules can be broken). So don’t cry over spilt milk, or forgotten Faces, just find one and post it on Saturday or Sunday. There is no penalty for not posting it on Friday. And today I definitely found a strange face for my Friday Face.

Chick-Fil-A is a popular restaurant here in northeast Ohio, serving, as you would expect, chicken. (They also serve excellent chocolate milkshakes, but that’s just a side note). The restaurant chain is very community-minded and, with a delightfully counter-cultural attitude, refuses to open their doors on Sundays. When I spotted the Chick-Fil-A cow at the Relay for Life event where they were one of the sponsors, I said to myself, “There’s your Friday Face.” The cow was happy to pose, actually quite professional about it, and snap! I had my Friday Face.

Carolyn aka Skip

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