Annual Art Festival

Vacation Bible School, which I wrote about in my last post, ended last night with a celebration and presentation for the parents and grandparents. It was a week full of fun and an opportunity for the children to learn about God’s love through stories, songs, and crafts. I enjoyed my second time as “official VBS  photographer,” but by the end of the week I was ready to crash on the couch. When I woke up this morning, I made big plans to do nothing, or at least as little as possible. However, that wasn’t to be because today was the day of the Arts Festival in downtown Willoughby.

Bob, who had volunteered to help with the set up, called twice and all but implored me to bring my camera and join him at the festival. “There are a lot of things for you to take pictures of,” he said. The man knows very well what button to push…the camera button. Just tell me there are photo possibilities, and I’m on it. And he was right. Vendors were set up along both sides of the street,  displaying handcrafted items of all kinds. There were also plenty of food vendors: crab cake sandwiches, ice cold lemonade, ice cream cones, and more; and the Saturday outdoor market was in full swing…. definitely lots of pictures just waiting to be taken. This is just a sampling:

On this quintessential (and hot) July day, things were hopping in our little city. Now I’m headed back to my comfortable corner of the couch or maybe just straight to bed because I’m too tired to write any more. The pictures will have to show you how much fun everyone was having.

Thanks for taking time to visit the Arts Fest with me.

Carolyn aka Skip

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