It’s that time of year…even for the birds

Despite the intense heat and humidity of the past week, the birds at the “backyard buffet” know the time has come to change into their winter wardrobes. I think the duller goldfinch (top) is a female because her coat is more subdued all year round, whereas the male goldfinch has a bright yellow coat with black trim during the summer months and gradually loses his bold colors as autumn approaches. (If you don’t agree with the identification, please leave a comment to share your information with the rest of us.) The sorrowful-looking bluejay, pictured on the right, usually so proud of his snazzy coat with the royal blue feathers,  is going through the process called molting (or moulting) as he changes from his summer to winter garb.  It’s normal and happens every year, so don’t feel too sorry for him. His appearance will soon improve, but meanwhile he is probably the scruffiest-looking bird in the neighborhood. It’s a blessing he can’t see himself in a mirror.

Cooler weather is coming soon, maybe by tomorrow afternoon, according to the forecast. I’m breathing a sign of relief and looking forward to hitting the trail for a real photowalk. I  hope you will be here to go with me. Thanks for visiting today. Come back soon.

Carolyn aka Skip

PS: It was so hot today I took all these pictures from inside, looking through the window.

12 Replies to “It’s that time of year…even for the birds”

  1. Wow, I never really thought of or have observed the moulting process with birds in Nature like that. I am sure wee scruffy is a sleek pretty version when re feathered! Thank you for sharing!


    1. When not molting, bluejays are handsome birds, although not the most congenial. They tend to consider themselves top bird in the neighborhood, noisily announcing their arrival as if all other birds should bow down to them. But they are fun to watch.


  2. Omg, the Blue Jay looks miserable. Has lost so many feathers, particularly in the neck area. I’m hoping for some cooler weather here too, but I’m afraid it will not arrive any day soon.


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