You’ll never hear the words…

Those of you who, like me, regret the rapid passing of Autumn and its transitory beauty , need to read this celebration of winter. Yes, I just used “celebration” and “winter” in the same sentence. Maybe we will find more pleasure in the coming season if we sprinkle it with at least a little bit of celebration.

it's (almost always) about the water...

I hate winter come out of my mouth.

20151120-DSC_5148-4Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.

Anamika Mishra

We were hit hard with a winter storm this past week; one that communities south of us are still recovering from.

I am happy to be sitting at my desk with the power restored after a few days without. It makes one feel grateful and appreciative for all that we do have. We were warm and toasty, aided by our wood stove. We weren’t hungry. We had candles and flashlights and we were together as a family.

Winter brings these kinds of storms that depending on the timing, can wreak havoc in the Northern climes but you won’t hear me complain.

Winter also brings a beauty with it that is varied and intricate. Always changing the landscape and added a layer of simplicity as it gently blankets the debris left behind in…

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3 Replies to “You’ll never hear the words…”

  1. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of that beautiful post. I love winter, and miss the NE Ohio snow and ice. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you as you learn how to celebrate winter. 😀


  2. Carolyn, Thanks for forwarding this commentary. I, too, love the mornings when the sunlight strikes the ice-laden trees. It is a fairyland then, much like the one in 12 Dancing Princesses–one of my favorites. A certain cat has been nestled in my lap–my personal warmer. He has just abandoned me to bask in the light from the lamp on the desk. Guess I will live. Marti


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