A quick post from the park

2016_02_10_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0038

Yesterday was a cold day, but I went for a short trail walk despite the 23 degree temperature, and I’m glad I did. Lots of little birds posed for pictures, mainly because they were hungry and hoping for some bark butter bits. There was also a little herd of deer along the trail, two that followed me right at my heels and were very difficult to shoo away. They must have been really hungry. And HAWK was out hunting, swooping from tree to tree, keeping a keen eye out for his prey. I have lots of pictures to share, but no time to post them all tonight, so I decided to feature one of the deer, just to show how clever she was at nibbling on the bark butter bits. That’s it for this time, but I’ll be back to post more deer pictures tomorrow, along with HAWK and the other birds.

See you soon.
Trail Walker

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