A Fabulous Friday

Consider yourself warned: Today’s post is a long one because this has been a very full week with an amazing number of photo opps. Before I could say “Jack Robinson,” the week has flown by, and my camera card is filled with memories. However,  it’s Friday again and time for an end of the week post, and the blog won’t be complete unless I at least try to give the flavor of this fabulous week that flew by so fast, so hang on, here goes!

Note: I have no recollection of the origin of that phrase “Before I could say Jack Robinson.” It just popped into my head as something my mother used to say. I can’t tell you if it is an accurate memory (and there is no one to ask), but it was a fleeting memory, appropriate for this fleeting week, so I’m using it!

So…What makes THIS a fabulous Friday?

First: I captured Two Fabulous Friday Faces to add to my F.F.F. gallery.

As you know, if you follow my posts, I like to take pictures of people I meet on my trail walks. I don’t snap a picture of every person I pass, but sometimes I enjoy a brief conversation with someone I’ve met for the first time, and I just want to have a record of that encounter. Over the past few years, that record has grown into a gallery of Fabulous Friday Faces that you can see HERE, and this week I added two “Faces” to the gallery: Bob and Morgan.

2016_02_16_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0024-2
Bob in Chagrin River Park, February 16, 2016

Bob and I were both enjoying the fresh snowfall when we met along the trail. He noticed my camera and remarked that he expected to see some photographers taking advantage of the photo opportunities in the park. In the few minutes we chatted, I learned that his wife died some years ago and he really misses her, but he has lots of kids and grandkids in the area that he is thankful for. He was in the park that morning because one of his daughters had called to tell him how beautiful it is with a fresh blanket of snow, which motivated him to go out and enjoy the snow. He and I were in complete agreement that it is much better to get out and take advantage of what the park has to offer, including the beautiful landscape, the river, the wildlife, kids having fun on the sledding hill, and the people you meet along the trail. I’m glad I met Bob that snowy morning. Hopefully I will see him again.

A little farther along the trail I met Morgan and her son on their way back from the sledding hill. I commented on her great hat and asked if I could take her picture.

2016_02_16_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0052-3

2016_02_16_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0056-3
Morgan in Chagrin River Park, February 16, 2016

While we talked and I snapped her picture, the little guy was having fun in the snow. There were lots of families in the park because the surprise snow had created a “snow day” for all the area schools, and it was fun to see all the activity on the sledding hill. Take a look:

Now you’ve seen what makes this a Fabulous Friday and part of a truly fabulous week of photography. I’ve taken so many pictures, I can’t keep up with the processing and posting, and there’s still…

One more thing to include in the blog today!

The weather today is warmer (above 50 degrees) and very windy, so I have been wondering where I could go for some good photo opps after my hair cut appointment, and then an idea struck. My hairdresser is located near Lake Front Park,  a small, “pocket park,” that I hadn’t visited for many months, so that’s where I headed when I left the hair salon. The wind at the lake front totally messed up my hair, so it’s a good thing we don’t have any plans to go out this evening, but I got some beautiful photos at the park, and that is what helped to make this a truly fabulous Friday.

At the park

When I started down the trail, I was surprised to discover a wonderful new deck overlooking the lake.

2016_02_19_Trailwalk_Lake Front Park_008
Here’s the deck.

I have no idea when it was constructed, but I am thankful for the foresight of Lake Metroparks in providing a such a great place for us to enjoy the beauty of Lake Erie. Here are a few photos I snapped on and around the deck:

That’s all from today’s trail walk and the end of this very long post. While I have been sitting at my computer, the wind and warmer temperatures have been at work, and when I finally looked outside, I was shocked to discover that in the past two hours most of the snow has vanished. I wonder where I will find the fuel for my blog next week?

If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking with me.
I’ll try to make my next post a short one!
Trail Walker

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  1. Still think you should let me cut your hair. I work cheap! And it would not matter if it were windblown. Probably you would not have to step into the wind for that look. Continuing to attack the taxes. Perhaps I will vote for Cruz so that we will just need a postcard to file our taxes. Think of all the accountants who would lose their jobs. Unemployment nationally would increase sharply. On second thought, perhaps it is better if I don’t vote for Cruz. Jack Robinson phrase may be a reference to Jackie Robinson, the great Brooklyn Dodger. Back-door neighbor

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