A bothered and bedraggled blackbird

2016_06_05_Trailwalk_Holden Arboretum_0006

This tidy-looking red-winged blackbird with his sleek feathers is delighted with the new feeding tray that Bob set up yesterday. Although he wasn’t overjoyed with the heavy rain showers that came through this afternoon as he was enjoying his lunch at the back yard buffet, the rain didn’t stop him from feasting on the sunflower seeds and other tasty treats. The pictures in this gallery will show how bothered, bedraggled, and downright dismayed he became as the rain poured down on him, but eventually he resigned himself to the rain and finished his meal.

Joining him at the buffet was an equally bedraggled blue jay whose feathers had been well-saturated by the downpour.

2016_06_05_Trailwalk_Holden Arboretum_0003

Here’s hoping “the sun will come out tomorrow!”
See you then!
Trail Walker

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