A new back yard visitor


I looked out the kitchen window recently and spotted this visitor at the back yard buffet. It was alone, and it hung around long enough for quite a few photo opps. If you know what it is, I would be glad for an ID. Size-wise, it is about the same as a large blue jay or just a little larger.

2016_08_24_back yard_Back yard birding_0066

Here are a few more poses I snapped as it moved from feeder to feeder:

I am sure I could find it in one of my bird books, but there hasn’t been enough time this sticky-hot and very busy week to do the research, so I am turning to my blog friends for help.

Thanks for visiting the back yard buffet today.

See you soon!
Trail Walker

4 Replies to “A new back yard visitor”

  1. If this is the first of these birds you’ve seen, count yourself lucky. I believe it is a juvenile European Starling, an invasive species that competes with our native birds. They monopolize my feeders in the spring and summer. By the way, the last time I left a comment it apparently never got through to you. Has something changed? Do I need to get reauthorized?


    1. Nothing has changed, Roz. I don’t know why your comment didn’t get through. I have had a very busy summer and have struggled to keep up with my blog and a couple of online classes. Thanks for the bird ID. I have definitely had starlings but maybe the fact that it is a juvenile threw me off and the fact that it was a solitary bird instead of a flock of starlings.


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