Maria’s Field of Hope


2016_09_13_road-trips_sunflowers_0054The Prayers from Maria Foundation first planted the Sunflower field in 2014 to gracefully draw attention to the lack of funding for childhood cancer. The field was inspired by the memory and spirit of Maria McNamara, planted as a way to love and honor the courageous children who are battling cancer and those we have lost.

This is Maria’s Field of Hope

I am not actively involved with the non-profit organization Prayers from Maria – Children’s Glioma Cancer Foundation, but I was inspired by the beauty of Maria’s Field of Hope to post these pictures in the hope that anyone who sees them will say a prayer for Maria and for all the children who are battling cancer and for the families of the children who have lost their lives to childhood cancer of any kind. This is just my way of “planting a seed.” If you would consider becoming involved with the Foundation or would like to make a contribution, click here to visit their website.


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