Hey, people, what’s happening?


This little house finch is curious about the changes we’re making to the back yard buffet in preparation for winter weather. A new season of back yard birding is about to begin, so we purchased a beautiful new hopper feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited, my favorite store for all things bird-related. Bob installed the pole and feeder in (hopefully) a prime location, not too far from our back door (for when the snow  accumulates), but also within easy flying distance from the sheltering branches of our neighbor’s apple tree.

The apple tree is a favorite launching pad for the little chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, and downy woodpeckers that frequent the Back Yard Buffet. For our anniversary last week, our daughter Becky gifted us with a few extra attachments for the pole that will provide more space and variety and hopefully keep the neighborhood birds well fed and returning for more throughout the winter. It should also provide a refuge for them in the bad weather that is sure to come our way soon.

Here are a few of the first visitors to the renovated “Back Yard Buffet”…

That’s it for now from the renovated Back Yard Buffet.
Stay tuned for future updates…
and cross your fingers for no hawk incursions!
Trail Walker

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