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A little bit of water…

…is a very good thing to put out for the birds. Unfortunately we don’t have an electric outlet in our back yard buffet, so we can’t keep a fountain running throughout the winter. The best I can do is put out a fresh bowl of water in the morning and refill it when it begins to freeze over. With temperatures sinking well below 32 degrees (F) this week, that can be a challenge, but when I see even one little bird take a sip, the extra effort becomes worthwhile.

That’s it today from the Back Yard Bird Buffet.
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6 thoughts on “A little bit of water…

      1. I guess northern California is “south” for some species. Gray Lodge bird sanctuary near Yuba city, north of Sacramento, is winter home to Canadian Snow Geese. Millions of them. When I get my new camera, I’m heading up there to shoot them 😉 and our hummers love watching my hubby build our deck.

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    1. I would like to have an electric outlet outside on the patio, but I don’t. Putting out a bowl of water seems to help the birds, and it’s an easy workaround. Of course, on very cold days, it may take a second refill when the first one freezes over.

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