If you can’t beat them…


I’ve been trying, with a remarkable lack of success,  to discourage the starlings from taking over the Back Yard Buffet. So now I’m beginning to think about changing my attitude toward these pesky colorful birds. Until someone can come up with a good idea for encouraging these invaders to change their behavior and move on to a new habitat, I’m going to change my attitude, and  my new attitude toward the starling invasion is, “If you can’t beat ’em,  JOIN ‘EM.” After all, they do look pretty against the snow and they may even brighten up a drab winter background when the snow has melted and everything is sort of grey and brown. They are persistent critters too, and persistence can be a positive trait.  Right? Especially if you call it perseverance. It’s worth a try at least!

How am I doing friends? Am I convincing anyone that an invasion of starlings is actually something to enjoy? Not sure I am convincing myself, but at least I’m trying. 😏  I’m definitely not ready to celebrate starlings yet, but maybe if I persevere with my new attitude,  I’ll eventually reach that point.

Here are a few more starlings for you to enjoy:

Starlings like suet.
Apparently starlings favor chunky peanut butter.
They love the new hopper feeder.
Picking up peanuts is a breeze for the starlings.
That’s the news from the Back Yard Bird Buffet today.
Thanks for stopping by!
Trail Walker

20 Replies to “If you can’t beat them…”

    1. Thank you, Oneta. Yes, their feathers have such amazing colors. I think they might get more appreciation if they traveled in ones and twos, instead of in large flocks. Their numbers are overwhelming.


  1. We have an 11-year-old rescued starling who is smarter than any parrot we have ever owned. He is incredibly attuned to our social queues and can imitate every bird that has ever lived in our apartment. I like your approach to appreciating them.

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  2. They’re so colorful and cute! The ones who bother me most are ugly brown cowbirds. The babies grow so fat and screech all day long for more food. With these ones I wouldn’t mind as much. (Maybe).

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