A rare event

Many years ago, when Bob and I relocated from central Pennsylvania to the south shore of Lake Erie, I was a stay-at-home-mom with three little girls. We moved into our new home in January, and we hadn’t been living here for long when I realized that something was missing, something I was accustomed to in my former home, something I had taken for granted: sunshine!  That’s when I first realized that living on the south shore of Lake Erie is a mixed blessing…great in the summer, but not so great in the winter, unless you really like grey days!

That long ago experience is significant today because this morning the sun was shining, and I was finally able to get a few good pictures of the little juncos, or snow birds, that are winter residents of the back yard bird buffet. They are adorable little birds and fun to watch, but getting a sharp picture of the little snow birds is a challenge because they blend right in with their surroundings. The sunshine made a big difference this morning, and here are the pictures I captured. It was definitely a rare event.

 That’s it for today.
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Trail Walker

8 Replies to “A rare event”

  1. These snow bird photos are so cute! Thanks for sharing. Birds always remind me of my wonderful Dad who I lost just over a year ago. I swear he is up there flying around looking down on life with a smile. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Today’s post is about music. Have a good day, Sam 🙂


    1. The snowbirds are adorable. They’re only here during winter, so they’ll be leaving soon I’m sure. Losing a beloved parent is hard, but it does seem like you have wonderful memories that will comfort you for many years to come.

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  2. I was just saying yesterday that it’s been so cloudy here for so long that it was like living in NE Ohio again. lol! Sunshine was always much appreciated there during the winter. I think we were like flowers, going out to turn our faces up to the light, whenever the sun would come out after days of cloudiness. Your little snowbirds are cute. 🙂

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