That’s the word for our weather today. As the saying goes, it’s not been fit for man nor beast. Nor photographer, I might add. Yesterday was a decent day, but I didn’t have time for a trail walk, and today…? Well, today I was NOT going out with my camera. The river is flooding, for gosh sakes, and the ground is a sea of mud. So I truly was at a loss for today’s blog post until another blogger, Eliza Waters, came to my rescue.

In her comment on my recent post, Eliza asked what the tube in the bog was for. She was referring to the straw nesting tube in the picture at the top of this page. I replied that it is (theoretically) a nesting tube for ducks; however, in all my years of walking down the trail through the bog, I have never seen a duck, or anything else, nesting in the tube. However, I have seen a duck dancing on top of the tube, and I have the pictures to prove it. So thanks to Eliza, I am going to share the dancing duck with you today. Here she is…

It was in March 2013 that I saw the duck dancing. Since it was March, I imagined she was doing a dance to celebrate spring. Maybe in another six-eight weeks, she’ll be back on her “stage” performing another spring celebration. We can only hope! Meanwhile, I hope the rainy weather goes away so I can return to the trail. Today’s post didn’t involve any trail walking, unless you count the walk I took four years ago!

That’s it for today…Thanks to Eliza and the dancing duck!
Trail Walker

8 Replies to “Vile!”

    1. The weather has been variable. Switching from frigid with snow and ice to almost warm with rain and flooding and then back to cold with snow flurries. It’s hard to keep up with the changes. I’m glad the dancing duck gave you a smile, Camille.


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